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HEAL documentary: A film about the power of the mind

I love the research and case studies that is being put together in more and more films and documentaries about our ability to heal with the power of the mind and also be sick from the power of the mind. This is definitely a must see for those on a healing journey. Inspirational! Mind opening!

This is what got me interested in becoming a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the very beginning. If you are struggling with getting your mind to listen to you, you may need some help. Below are way's I help individuals here in Calgary tap into the healing power of their own mind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): for over 2000 years people have observed that specific mindsets/emotions strengthen or weaken organs or systems of the body. And the opposite is true, certain illnesses and system imbalances cause people to be more often in certain emotional states. Everything in our mind effects our body.

Joy: too much or too little will heal or injure the heart and small intestine. (too much would be a type of mania or mental illness, or too much joy on a weak heart, like winning the lottery could induce a heart attack!)

Anger: or easily irritated or short temper, will heal or injure the liver (too little is depression: not caring enough to be angry about anything)

Pensiveness: Also considered worry or over thinking. Too much or too little damage the spleen/stomach (digestion) often when worrying about something in the future for a while you will loose your appitite get nausea eating. Think right before a big game, job interview, public speaking board exam. Many people cant eat or struggle to. Long term chronic digestive issues arise.

Grief: Or sadness over long periods can weaken the lungs. If I see chronic lung conditions I will often ask if there was someone who passed away in the last few years, whom the patient has not completed grieving for. When grieving is new, we often cry and have difficulty breathing or taking a deep breath.

Fear: to much or too little damages the kidneys. In TCM the kidneys represent our batteries for life and take on many hormone and adrenal functions. When someone is really scared we use the phrase "peed their pants" for a reason. We know the kidneys weaken when under extreme fear. They do also under chronic fear, yet we don't always draw the connection when it is gradual. When someone has too little fear they tend to not go far in life. They don't get spurred to action, or have motivation to achieve or change where we are in life.

NET: Neural Emotional Technique

A psychosomatic/somatopsychic stress reduction intervention aimed at emotional and physical health improvement.

NET has a great web page,, dedicated to the research on how clearing the learned physical responses to stress with the NET has an incredible impact on both healthy brain patterns and healing the body.


This is also why the first herbs or supplements I recommend for patients are always the ones that support getting their mind strong and in a healing state. Supporting the body to be able to listen to their brain when they try to relax, sleep, meditate, or be positive. My all time favourites (in no particular order) are magnesium as it helps with relaxing muscles and mind. Calcium is used to tense up - magnesium is used to relax. My second favourite is Reishi Mushroom. It is very slow and gradual, but over time it educates or trains the nervous system to relax and see the world through a positive light. As Ron Tee Guard says "People who take reishi notice the peacefulness that seems to accompany its use. Reishi's effects seem cumulative, gradually strengthening the nerves and actually changing how we perceive life over time." As one of the most researched and balanced herbs it is very safe to take for long periods of time. I suggested adding both into your regular daily regimen for longevity. Tip: With adaptogen herbs take religiously 6 days a week. take one week off every 6 months. take one month off for every 12 months you take in the year. In the natural world we never eat the same thing every day for a year. give your system a break from any one food you eat every day.

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