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Happy Woman


"I started seeing Melissa when I felt like I was out of options. I had no energy and was in a constant state of exhaustion (both physically and mentally). The changes were subtle. I started laughing more and doing things after work. I now have energy throughout the day and people constantly point out my positive attitude and outlook.
She has changed my life.
Melissa listened. She payed attention to detail and gave me confidence in the process.
I am grateful for her kindness and expertise.

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Professional Woman in an Office


Melissa is fantastic! I so appreciated her attentiveness and knowledge...working with her really helped to shift my health in a positive direction on many levels! I have been on a spiritual journey for a while now, and I am thankful that Melissa has been able to help me to move forward along my intended path. She has amazing intuitive abilities and has really inspired me, as I hope to have an intuitive healing practice of my own one day. Her talents in this realm really uplevel her as an acupuncturist/TCM doctor. On top of all of that, she is kind, patient/understanding and compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Melissa for everything; I am so grateful! :)

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Professional Woman


"Finally, someone who is capable of digging deeper to get to the route of my "mysterious" illness. Traditional Doctors have not been willing to do more than standard blood tests and therefore tell me there is nothing wrong with me. Since seeing Melissa I have been on a constant journey back to regaining my health. I had almost lost hope. I have been seeing Melissa for some time now and she is simply amazing. Her knowledge and understanding of the connectedness of the entire body is what I believe sets her apart from traditional medicine.  A recent concussion has left me with major headaches, lack of concentration, fatigue etc. In one treatment from Melissa it was like a lead weight had been lifted from my head and my family noticed the difference in my overall awareness immediately. Can't say enough about how Melissa has helped me. Whatever your issue might be, I highly recommend Melissa.  Huge thanks.

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TopRated Dr. Melissa Wecker

Kind Words

"The best complement you can give is the referral of a friend.  I love working with new people!  I am always looking to build my practice so if you  know of anyone else I could help, please send them my way.  And THANK YOU for your kind words and and helping me grow" - Melissa Wecker

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