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"...the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the

This quotation was taken from a recent peer reviewed study published by the university of Washington (Link to PDF) which calls Nrf2 activation one of "...the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthroughs in the history of medicine." This article on PubMed

I first discovered Nrf2 activation when studying a course on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and treating dementia and cognitive decline. Not long after a fellow NAET practitioner told me about one of the top Nrf2 activators that is made from only 5 natural TCM herbs in super tiny doses and in just the right ratio to unlock their Nrf2 activating power. The TCM herbs are green tea, turmeric, milk thistle, ashwaganda, and bacopa. When I saw how common and gentle the ingredients are I thought "I already drink, and eat most of these herbs quite regularly, what is so great about this product that I am not already getting?" One of the most interesting I discovered is that the healing power found in the research with this nrf2 activator is not found in with the individual ingredients when used separately or in different combinations and ratios.

This NAET practitioner who introduced me to Protandim Nrf2 has been using the Protandim Nrf2 activator for 2 years with NAET patients and found they need significantly fewer treatments and each treatment made a much bigger impact with the people who where taking it at the same time as NAET treatments.

This video is a great introduction to Nrf2 activation.

I recommend Protandim Nrf2 rather than other companies for the following reasons:

  • Protandim is one of the oldest, most researched Nrf2 formulas on the market. No other company has even close to the amount of independent and third party research they have on their specific Nrf2 formula. Try typing the brand or name of any other Nrf2 activator into PubMed - any research? Then type Protandim Nrf2 and see how much peer reviewed research there is. It is incredible for any natural health product to have this amount of research on a specific brands formulation. PubMed Protandim Nrf2 Research

  • It is made up of natural botanicals in very tiney doses (Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Herbs)

  • Is one of the most affordable Nrf2 activators on the market.

The video above is an introduction to Protandim Nrf2 activator. Let me know if you have any question about Nrf2 activation or Protandim Nrf2 activator. I love talking to people about it and if it is right for them. Just send me an email through my contact me page.

Interested in trying it out? You can order it through me here

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