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Forms of Magnesium

For those of you with whom I have discussed the different forms of magnesium with, I recommend the podcast below as a great recap. It is worth listening to if you are serious about rebuilding your magnesium levels and its nice hearing it from someone other than me. Magnesium matters! A shout out to my friend Samantha - thank you for passing this podcast along! It was a great listen!.

To buy the mag w/SRT from Jigsaw they mention at the end of the podcast, come and see me at Maximum Health Wellness Centre here in Calgary. I try really hard to always keep it in stock. But its been flying off the shelf too fast! (Sorry for last week everyone who had to wait for an order to arrive.)

Also you get 20% off all my magnesium products if you purchase them with a treatment with me! Because good magnesium levels are required for the transmission of electrical signals in the body - electrical signals are how acupuncture works. If your magnesium levels are replenished and electrical signals can fire optimally, then acupuncture can be at its most effective.

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