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Each in-person treatment is built on a foundation of acupuncture (no needle laser or acupressure options available) and NAET.  Other techniques such as BodyTalk, Root Cause Protocol nutritional coaching, and BioMagnetism are blended in.

FREE INITIAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT & CONSULT: This is a chance to meet, ask questions and get an extra set of objective health measurements before tretmetns beging to better measure your Rate of Response (ROF).  (Optional)


RETURN VISIT This is a 60 minute Acupuncture/NAET treatment.


NEW CLIENT CASE REVIEW AND TREATMENT: This is the full medical history and assessment.  Your will also receive your first treatment in this visit.  Required for all new clients. Please schedual up to an 1.5 -2 hours for this visit.


RETURN VISIT PLUS: Acupuncture/NAET PLUS one or two of the following, front and back acupuncture treatments, cupping, Bodytalk, Neural Emotional Technique, Root Cause Protocol nutritional consulting, Report of Findings(ROF), etc.


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