Acupuncture and NAET work in a series of treatments. 


Each treatment builds on the success of the previous. 


Will acupuncture and or NAET work for me? 

How many treatments will I need?

How much will it cost me?

Assessment Series

Whether you just want to dip your toe in the water or jump in with both feet, an assessment series will help us answer these questions.


In my 12 years of clinical experience, I have found that everyone responds to Acupuncture and NAET. Some people respond immediately and dramatically while others respond more slowly and gradually.  In the assessment series we will measure and assess your individual "Rate of Response" to our treatments.  Once we know how fast you respond, we have a better idea of how long or how many treatments it may take and how much it might cost. 

For some people this may be all you need!

  1. Start with: Free Initial Health Assessment

  2. Start with: Case Review $249

  3. Continue with: Return Visit(s) $125  

  4. End with: Return Visit Plus Report of Findings $125 (Report of Findings included in Case Review price)



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Treatment Series

If you want the fastest, deepest, longest lasting results, I suggest starting with a series of 12 treatments booked three times a week for four weeks.  Lets try to get rid of those symptoms once and for all! 

Its like getting enough momentum to roll a car out of a rut. You can't wait too long after each roll forward or you will not gain the momentum you need to get out of the rut.  The same is true with acupuncture.  In the beginning each treatment is a small roll forward, and if you wait too long between appointments the inertia is lost and we spend many months regaining the same ground, giving only temporary relief for a few days and then the symptoms come back. We need to gain enough momentum to get you up out of the rut, and running on your own.  (aka. solve the issue once and for all)


This is where many people say they have tried acupuncture and it didn't work.  They did not get enough treatments, close enough together to build the momentum.

If this is not possible, than we will adjust for your budget and schedule and keep tracking your improvements as we go to make sure we are still gaining ground and not just managing your symptoms.

  1. Start with: Assessment Series. If I it has been a long time since you last came in book a Return Visit Plus Reassessment $175.

  2. Continue with: Return Visit(s) $125 Or Return Visit Plus $175

  3. End with: Return Visit Plus Reassessment $175


$1,550 - $2,100

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Are you searching for temporary relief?

Do you only want to manage symptoms?

Do you want to take months or years to feel better?

Your body is going to be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.


Case Review

90-120 Minutes

Book a New Client Case Review and Treatment. We will do an initial health assessment to help us measure your rate of response during the assessment series. Then lets dive deep to really get a picture of what is going on so we can: Uncover the root causes of your unique symptoms pattern. Discover hidden obstacles blocking your healing process. And create a customized action plan to get you feeling better now.



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Return Visit

50 Minutes

Book your "Return Visits" as close together as possible. If you can do 3x a week that is ideal.  If not we will space them out.



Return Visit

Plus Report Of Findings

80 Minutes

Online book a Return Visit Plus. The Report of Findings is the end of the assessment series of treatments and is only done once to calculate your rate of response to the treatments. ​Once we know your rate of response we have a better idea of how many treatments, how long and how much. You only pay for the return visit as the report of findings is my gift to you. Well done in completing an assessment series!  



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Initial Health

Assessment (Free Gift)

20 Minutes

OPTIONAL - Book before a Case Review.  This is chance to meet, ask questions and get an extra set of objective health measurements before treatments begin to better measure your Rate of Response (ROF)

If you can't and want to just jump in to the case review don't sweat it. This works too. We will just have only one set of pre treatment data to compare improvements to when calculating your ROF



Return Visit

Plus Reassessment

80 Minutes

Online book a Return Visit Plus.  The reassessment is perfect bookend treatment at the beginning and end of a treatment series so we can measure your improvements over time. If you just completed a treatment series or an assessment series you do not need to book a reassessment first as we just did one at the end of your previous treatment series.



Return Visit

Plus Extra...

80 Minutes

Online book a Return Visit Plus.  This is perfect if you want extra cupping, front and back treatment, extra NAET testing of supplements or allergens you have brought from home, Botanical Medicine Consult or extra BodyTalk/energy work.