Prices & Packages

First Visit Assessment & Treatment

All new patients book a first visit.  This treatment is longer to allow time for reviewing medical history and receive treatment. Not included in Packages

90 Minutes  /  $135

Basic Acupuncture Return Visit

Acupuncture Treatment & time permitting 1 of the following: AcuGraph, Cupping, NAET, BodyTalk

Total 60 Minutes  /  $90

Advanced Acupuncture Return Visit

Acupuncture & time permitting any or all of the following: Cupping, Back & Front Treatment, AcuGraph, NAET, BodyTalk

90 Minutes  /  $135

Basic NAET Visit

Great to get through the basic 15 nutrients or a list of sensitivities. 

1 boost & 1 treatment
Acu-pressure or Acu-Laser only.

15-20 min rest in waiting room rather than private treatment room
30-45 Minutes  /  $65

Advanced NAET Visit


Great for more in-depth testing and treating of multiple items, combinations, and tune-up/maintenance treatments.  Acupuncture or AcuLaser

20-30 min treatment and 20-30 min rest

1 Hour   /  $90

Pre-Purchase 6 Sessions Get 1 free!

6 Visits
With the purchase of 6 same length return visits, the patient receives 1 free for a total of 7 visits.

*Limited Time Offer During 2019

Pre-Purchase 12 Sessions Get 3 free!

12 Visits
With the purchase of 12 same length return visits, the patient receives 3 free for a total of 15 visits.

*Limited Time Offer During 2019

Basic Acupuncture Return Visit at $90/Visit

6   visits at $90 = $540     (+1 Free)

12  visits at $90 =$1080   (+3 Free)

Advanced Acupuncture Return Visit at $135/Visit

6  visits at $135 = $810     (+1 Free)
12 visits at $135 =$1620    (+3 Free)

Basic NAET Visit at $65/Visit

6  visits at $65 =  $390    (+1 Free)
12 visits at $65 = $780    (+3 Free)

*package(s) purchased can only be used with Dr. Melissa Wecker DTCM.  If the patient decides not to continue treatment before the complete package of sessions has been finished, they may use remaining balance towards any other service offered at Maximum Health Wellness Center or receive a full refund for any unused sessions without any penalty. Free sessions will be forfeited.  The refund will be returned to the patient as a cheque for cash or cheque payments or as a refund directly on the credit card used for payment. Melissa Wecker has up to two full weeks from date of termination to refund the payment. The patient will be responsible for picking up the refund from the office during office hours.  Payment will be taken in full on the day this contract is initially signed. Cannot be shared between multiple people.  Packages are subject to change at any time. 


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