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Stop your bug bites from itching with Magnesium Oil!

So the mosquitoes are now out on the hunt in Calgary and my pall Kelly, from over at fearless performance came in today and told me that she doesn’t know why she thought of it, but some fresh mosquito bites were bothering her last night and she grabbed her Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil and sprayed it on her bites - the itch disappeared! So exciting to have a natural after-bite option!

Be warned that there may be a bit of a sting on the bite as the magnesium helps break down the mosquito's saliva which causes the allergic reaction that causes the itch. If you have irritated skin from scratching it may also sting. Try it next time and let me know if it works for you?

"Ancient Minerals magnesium products are healing by way of the skin, our body’s largest organ" (source)

"Magnesium has the capacity to detoxify the epidermis and cleanse the skin. It is all the more effective in treating or relieving those areas of the skin that are prone to allergic reactions." (Source)

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