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Do you suffer from...

Food Sensitivities

Bloating | Urgent Bowel Movements

Itchy Skin | Rashes | Eczema

Migraines & Headaches

FREE Allergies Consultation

During this appointment we will start to

UNCOVER the root causes of your unique allergy pattern.

DISCOVER the hidden obstacles blocking your healing process.

CREATE a customized action plan to start reducing your allergy symptoms now.

Hands On


Each in-person treatment is built on the foundation of Acupuncture (AcuLaser - no needle options available).  NAET, BodyTalk, Nutritional Coaching are blended in.



Each telehealth consult uses symptom and/or lab test analysis to create a supplement, wholefood and lifestyle programs tailored to your unique nutritional biochemistry. Using the ancient principles of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, the ROOT CAUSE PROTOCOL and FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. 

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