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Free Fitness Coaching!

Studies keep finding that exercise prevents and heals illness. Its so basic. So simple. MOVE.

But as an introvert I find it difficult to convince myself not only to work out, but to do that in front of other people. So gym's have never been easy for me to attend. As a past student, and current entrepreneur, I am finding I NEED to exercise, but don't have allot of extra money to budget out each month for programs and memberships. So when I found fitness blender two years ago, I realized I had found a place that gave me no excuse not to stay active. If you already have a personal trainer (those magical folk) or a wonderful gym that you love, this gives you options for traveling or those moments when the gym just doesn't quite fit into your schedule.

Check it out at and let me know what you think. Here is a quick intro video below.

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