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  • TCM Dr. Melissa Wecker

Feel depleted even though you are doing all the right things?

Acupuncture and techniques based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (like NAET) may help. Do you feel like you do all the right things, eat healthily, exercise, take your multivitamin and try to get enough sleep, yet you still feel warn out and depleted?

Illness lingers, the body has already been trying to heal and revive itself, but has not yet been able to get the upper hand. At some point your nervous system and cells may have gotten confused and bogged down. When this happens the nutrition you get from food does not get absorbed deeply into the cells where you need to be nourished. Your glands and organs no longer function optimally and your body feels sluggish and warn down.

Your cells and nerves have probably been running in a state of confusion and we need to retrain them - teach them how to function properly again. Your cells have an accumulation of debris bogging them down and we need to clean out the body at the cellular level. I help people do this in four ways.

First: Revive the body's natural self healing mechanisms. Acupuncture

Second: Identify and remove inappropriate neurological responses related to unresolved stress, nutrition, environmental irritants, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and fungi etci: NAET/NET

Third: Maximize absorption of and restore the nutrients levels needed to deeply nourish life and build a strong and resilient you: Whole foods, super-foods, adaptagens, tonic herbs.

Fourth: Nutrigenomics & Nrf2 activation - The use nutrients to optimize gene expression and clean up cellular damage, free radicals and oxidative stress. Protandim

Feel free to call in and book a 15 min free phone consultation to discus how my particular training my be uniquely right for you and your healing journey.

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