How acupuncture treatments

work best

Acupuncture works in a series of treatments. If before your next visit, your symptoms start to come back, then book in as soon as possible, so we are not stuck in the see saw effect of your symptoms improving and then getting worse.  We want you to improve, improve, improve...

Frequency of visits

Ideally we would like to see you 2 times a week for the first 1-2 weeks and then weekly as long as symptoms continue improving.  From here we move into maintenance mode with more and more time between the treatments. As long as improvements remain stable, monthly or seasonal visits help maintain progress and prevent new health issues from developing.

How many visits will I need?

This depends on how long you have had the symptoms.  If it has only been a matter of months then in 4-6 treatments we should see improvement. If you have had the symptom(s) for more then a year you shouldn't expect to see results until around the 10th treatment. From there, it may take approximately one month of weekly treatments for every year you have had the symptom.

Let me know what makes you relax

I strive to make each visit as relaxing as possible.  Let me know if the music is too loud, you are too cold, hot or something makes you uncomfortable. This is your healing time. Let me know what makes it most comfortable for you.


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