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“To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one feels thirsty or forging weap

“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principal of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one feels thirsty or forging weapons after the war has already begun”. Huang di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), 4th Century BC

In ancient China, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine were hired to serve the emperor or the richest warlords. The goal was to keep the emperor or warlord and their family in the optimal of health, to prevent them from ever getting sick and to increase their longevity. They could not be powerful and defeat their enemies if they were feeble, or ill. If the emperor or warlord got sick than the Doctor was fired (probably not in the modern sense of the word either)

This was an incredible incentive for Chinese Medicine Doctors to build 2-3000 year old records of research, experiments and observation on the effects of herbs, foods, exercise, meditation, on optimizing health, resilience and increase longevity. They were paid and made their income only if they kept their employer in robust health, prevented illness and increased lifespan.

A paradigm shift from our current system where doctors and medical companies (including acupuncturists) only get paid if you are sick and keep being sick. This is why your acupuncturist always wants to put you into tune-up or maintenance mode once your symptoms have resolved. Our medicine was founded on the principals of prophylaxis, prevention and building resilience, rather than symptom management (though we know how to do that through optimizing your health), rather than a pain killer to mask the illness or weakness.

It is a wonder with all the newest technological advances, research and knowledge we have, that people are getting sicker or staying sick rather than more wellness? A larger market for the businesses of medicine to profit from? Food for thought. Where is the maximum health wellness industry that profits off of peoples consistent wellness rather than illness?

At Maximum Health Wellness Centre (yes that pun is intended) I have newly begun to focus and develop this area of my practice. This holiday season we are promoting some of the core Traditional Chinese herbs that have been tested for over 3000 years in their effectiveness to keep people in robust resilient health and increase longevity. These are the herbs that were kept secret and passed on from either one doctor to the next and kept secret so the enemies of the emperors and warlords would not have the competitive edge. These were the herbs that century after century those who regularly consumed them were those who lived the longest with the most robust health. Why do we keep forgetting the wisdom of those that came before us?

I will be posting recipes and more information about adaptgens and tonic herbs to help give people ideas of how to incorporate these incredible sources of nourishment into everyday cooking, foods, and habits to add this step into your plan to create a robust long life. For more detailed assessment of which ones you should start with specifically for your body and health concerns please book an initial assessment with TCM Dr. Melissa Wecker

Phase 1: Let me help you heal your current health condition.

Phase 2: Let me help you maintain your maximum health and prevention of illness.

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