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Low Back Pain & Knee Soreness? Ancient Minerals & Super-Foods to Enhance The Effectiveness o

Are you seeing one of our massage therapists or acupuncturists for a weak back and knee's or sore back and knees? If not you should be! Did you know there are some ancient nourishing foods and nutrients that will magnify the effectiveness of the treatments you receive?

If you want to step up your game with healing and pain relief of low back and knees there are two things Maximum Health Wellness Centre now offers that can enhance the effectiveness and the permanency of your recovery.

Magnesium: Most people with muscle or joint pain are deficient in magnesium. Blood tests only show 1% of magnesium in the body, they could come back showing perfect levels of magnesium in the blood, and yet your muscles and joints the very low in cellular magnesium. Unfortunately it can take months to rebuild your cellular levels, but fortunately the short term effects are often just as satisfying: dilating blood vessels, encouraging muscles fibres to relax, encouraging healthy nerve synapses. If using trans-dermal magnesium spray, magnesium chloride baths and oral supplementation over time you may need our massage and acupuncture services less often to maintain results.

Tonic Herbs: For over 2000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine has noted that specific foods have focused healing and strengthening abilities on specifically the low back and knees. The top 2 are

He Shou Wu : It strengthens the lower back, the knees, body and tendons, ligaments, and bones throughout the body. Thus it is useful not only for maintaining youthfulness but also for providing strength to the body and muscle. It is used widely by athletes and martial artists in Asia. It is a perfect yin jing tonic for the athletically inclined, providing strength, resilience, and stamina to the body.

Cordycepts : Considered in Asia to be a powerful athletes' tonic. It has no steroidal constituents yet greatly improves performance and muscle building capability. Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen the skeletal structure, specifically the lower back region, the knees, and the ankles. It is used for backaches due to injury, fatigue, stress or simple ageing.

Rebuilding cellular magnesium levels, and regular consumption of He Shou Wu and Cordycepts (both herbs mix well and are traditionally used together) as you do physio, exercise, receive massages and acupuncture, will gently over time build up the power, strength and resilience of your low back and knees to a level that you may not have otherwise been able to achieve

The most important rule of thumb is to give it time. Adaptogens work by teaching or exercising the nervous system to function optimally. Traditional Chinese Medicine often challenges people to use an "adaptogen" or "tonic herb" every day at full strength for 100 days to see what benefits your body may experience.

Note: As with all foods, herbs, and products discontinue use if you have a negative reaction. This is when you book an appointment to see me so we can figure out why your nervous system is reacting in an abnormal manor.

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