Woman with Sunglasses

Do you often feel...

Tired? Sluggish? Burned out?

Lets revive your energy by optimising

  • Mitochondrial Function

  • Adrenal Function

  • Thyroid Function

  • Iron & Mineral Function

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we call this "Qi"

FREE Freedom From Fatigue Consultation

During this appointment we will start to

UNCOVER the root causes of your unique fatigue pattern.

DISCOVER the hidden obstacles blocking your healing process.

CREATE a customized action plan to start restoring your energy from the very first visit.

Hands On


Each in-person treatment is built on the foundation of Acupuncture (AcuLaser - no needle options available).  NAET, BodyTalk, Nutritional Coaching are blended in.



Each telehealth consult uses symptom and/or lab test analysis to create a supplement, wholefood and lifestyle programs tailored to your unique nutritional biochemistry. Using the ancient principles of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, the ROOT CAUSE PROTOCOL and FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. 

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”

~ Audrey Hepburn