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Harnessing ancient wisdom and modern science so that you live longer, have more energy and feel fabulous in your body.

Live Longer

Want to explore natural strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, healthspan and wellbeing?

Have More Energy

Want to naturally optimize cellular and mitochondrial function of your brain, digestion, and detox systems?

Feel Fabulous

When our bodies are deeply nourished and provided for, we can feel fabulous through whatever the world throws at us. 

I believe health is not just the absence of disease

...but a state of immense cognitive, physical, and emotional vitality. When our bodies are deeply nourished and provided for, we can achieve things in our life that would otherwise be impossible. We can easily adapt to whatever the world throws at us and our cells provide the additional power we need live our dream life.

Hands On


Each in-person treatment is built on the foundation of Acupuncture (or AcuLaser a non needle option).  NAET, BodyTalk, Nutritional Coaching are blended in.



Symptom and/or lab test analysis to create a supplement, wholefood and lifestyle programs tailored to your unique nutritional biochemistry. Using the ancient principles of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, the ROOT CAUSE PROTOCOL and FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.