What I Do

In my practice, I listen with my ears, hands, eyes and heart to the individuals physical, emotional, detoxification and nutritional needs, in order to discover what is blocked.  So together we can nourish life and renew health.

Child Physiotherapy

Child Physiotherapy

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Windswept Hair

Windswept Hair

Wellness is a difficult balance.  If we sustain a structural injury and our nutritional levels are great, toxicities cleaned out and we have dealt with our emotional issues, than stretching and exercises will heal the issue.  If more than one of the four elements of health are compromised than healing takes much longer and sometimes never fully finishes the healing process unless we identify the other cause(s) that are involved.

One disease can be from many causes and one cause can result in many diseases. 

With Traditional Chinese Medicine I use ancient wisdom to look for the underlying imbalance causing you disease or illness so we can balance what is off kilter. 

With Functional Medicine I used some of the most advanced modern research and testing facilities world wide to further discover the root causes for your discomfort by looking at genetic testing, hormone panels, sensitivitys/allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and toxcicity

With my NAET, NET, BodyTalk, Accunect training I listen deeply to the bodys individual responses to the world and intuitively delve further in order to understand a person's healing needs. 

I am passionate about merging ancient healing wisdom, deeply listening to the body innate responses with cutting edge research and testing 

Ancient Wisdom + Modern Research & Testing with a dash of deeply listening to the body's intuitive responses = Nourish Life & Renew Health. 

Tool Box

I draw from an ever expanding toolbox as I tailor each session to best serve the individual in front of me, so together we can nourish life and renew health.

Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine DTCM

Certified Acupuncturist R.A.c.

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique NAET

BodyTalk Practitioner CPB

Accunect Practitioner

Neuro Emotional Technique NET


Maximum Health Wellness Centre, 213 #4 19th St NW Calgary AB

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Fresh Vegetable in Basket