Integrative Oncology

Please continue following ALL conventional cancer treatments, medications, and protocols recommended by your oncologist.  Please inform me of all medications and avoidance's suggested by your physician so I can best guide you though Integrative therapies that will not conflict with your cancer treatment plan.  I take special care to only suggest treatments and products from quality controlled sources that have had studies done to positively suggest their anticancer properties as well as their safety and non-conflicting in cancer treatments.

Please Note...

None of the suggestions on this website claim to treat cancer or are a substitute for conventional treatment.  They are healing practices that may be used during and beyond conventional cancer treatment to manage symptoms, prevent toxicities, and improve quality of life.

For conditions where the cancer is detected early, acupuncture may be used before, during and after chemotherapy and radiation treatment to help maintain and promote the normal functioning of the body. It can help reduce hot flashes in breast cancer, xerostomia induced by radiotherapy in head and neck cancer, nausea and vomiting post-chemotherapy, cancer pain, and fatigue and insomnia. (Study 1) Several studies have shown its ability to boost the immune system and encourage the growth of healthy functioning cells. (Study 2,3,4) This is important for managing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy that tend to attack both normal and abnormal cells. An additional benefit of acupuncture is that it can induce a state of deep calm and relaxation and alleviate physical and emotional tensions.

In cases where a tumour has formed, acupuncture can be used pre- and post-operatively where appropriate as an adjunct therapy to surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. One sudy showed 250 patients who underwent gynaecological surgery for cancer, acupuncture was shown to speed recovery time. Another study on a series of 40 breast cancer patients, found that acupuncture could reduce nausea and vomiting following surgery and significantly reduce post-operative pain. (Study 5,6,7,8)

For advanced stages of cancer, acupuncture can be used in combination with other forms of palliative care to significantly reduce the sensation of pain. In some cases, patients may be able to reduce the dosage of pain medication substantially and thereby avoid the harsh side effects that are often associated with them.  (Study 9,10)

Acupuncture for early detected Cancer

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